paris! today!

theromanticHubs and I are leaving for Paris in mere hours, and as expected: I’m lacking any ability to focus. Bags are packed (thank you, packing cubes, for existing in this world), Kindle is charged, and my passport is in its shiny new case. It’s a good day.

Since I’m having difficulty forming sentences, I’m resorting to a list. It’s not everyday a girl gets whisked off to France for the weekend, right?

Here’s a little sneak preview of just a few things I’m looking forward to over the next few days:

– Baguette + Camembert

– Nutella crepes!

– A very necessary Pierre Hermé vs Ladurée macarons taste test

… Oh wow, so far all of these are food, huh?

– Montmartre

– Chanel (hubs, you’ve been warned)

– Demi carafes de vin rouge…and full carafes too, let’s be honest

– The view from Notre Dame

– Dinner in a boat on the Seine, yes please

– Staying up until 4 am to watch the Super Bowl at a Canadian theme bar

Well, and also her:

au revoir!

the romantic



  1. the Hubs
    February 2, 2012 / 11:47

    see you shortly!

  2. the Hubs
    February 2, 2012 / 11:48

    oh and also… Go Giants!

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