public transportation: the good, the bad, and the ugly

thewinoI’ve never owned a car. Though I have a valid drivers license and will use it when I have to, when it comes to getting me from here to there, I almost always use public transportation. For this reason, I’ve become highly critical of a city’s public transportation systems, and over the years, I’ve seen some great ones and some horrific ones:

The Good

New York City, USA
Sure, its crowded, it smells like pee, and it may be partially responsible for the bed-bug epidemic, but the New York City Subway is iconic, and I just can’t hate on it.

Paris, France
The Paris Metro system puts all other public transportation systems to shame. Its clean, convenient, and easy to figure out for out-of-towners.

Washington, DC, USA
Call me biased, but the DC metro is perhaps the cleanest and safest of any public transportation systems I’ve seen.

Federal Triangle Metro Stop, Washington, DC

The Bad (& The Ugly)

Baltimore, Maryland, USA
The biggest flaw in the Baltimore public transportation system is…its non-existent. I don’t recall ever even seeing a bus in this city? I’m sure they exist, but they’re certainly hard to find, and impossible if you’re from out of town.

Rome, Italy
A friend of mine told me that the Rome underground public transportation system couldn’t be further developed because “there are like, artifacts down there.” Though Rome has a competent bus system, I hold a grudge against this city because the first and last time I rode a bus there, a strange man flashed his penis at me.

Dublin, Ireland
I love Dublin, don’t get me wrong, but why the aversion to a modern underground rail system? During my time there, I took the bus when I could, but usually, I resorted to walking everywhere.

I hold a special place in my heart for all the cities listed above, despite their public transportation systems (or lack thereof).

Happy Friday, travelers!

the wino



  1. the Hubs
    January 27, 2012 / 13:41

    Haha I love the tags. I once got terribly lost on the Munich subway… but that probably had something to do with the number of steins of beer consumed during Oktoberfest. Thanks, friendly Munich police for pointing me in the right direction!

  2. January 30, 2012 / 00:29

    I’m particularly fond of the Tube in London: clean, quiet, and excellent cushioned seats for reading books.

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