rocking the suburbs

thewino1The suburbs have a strange effect on people. Me, in particular. In the six short days that I’ve been here, I’ve blossomed into a full blown suburbanite. How do I know this? Symptoms below:

Salivating over Target Ads
Is it me, or does Target have the most clever marketing team in the world?! The Christmas ads have me chomping at the bit to shop for…well, anything. Lucky for me, living in the suburbs means there are TWO Targets less than ten minutes away! Last night when my boyfriend got home from work, I actually jumped up and down and told him I NEEDED to buy something.

Wine, Wine, Wine
Against all odds, my wine habit has gotten worse. Worse! I thought New York City, where bars and bodegas and liquor stores are abundant, would be the worst breeding ground for my indulgences. As it turns out, being a stay-at-home girlfriend in the suburbs just SCREAMS wine habit. Case in point: at 5:00 on a typical day in New York, I was still in the middle of my work day; at 5:00 in the suburbs, its time for a glass of wine.

Insane Domesticity and Craftiness
I’ve always considered myself somewhat crafty, and cooking (eating) has always been one of my favorite hobbies. In the past week, I’ve taken both to new levels. I came up with a WRAPPING THEME for my Christmas presents this year (plain brown butcher paper with different tartan ribbons. CUTE RIGHT?!). I’ve been looking forward to cooking dinner and I’ve made batches and batches of Christmas cookies. Sure, sometimes when you live with a boy, your Christmas cookies turn out looking like Star Wars characters. But when you live with ME, you use an empty wine bottle to roll out the dough en lieu of a rolling pin. CRAFTY, RIGHT?!

I’m sure in another week, my unemployment will start to take its toll on my sanity, but in the meantime, is it so wrong to enjoy this things? I don’t think so. Now, off to Starbucks and the grocery store.


the wino


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  1. Shellers
    December 8, 2011 / 10:09

    I could not be more proud of you, welcome to the dark side 🙂

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