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the-romantic-the-winoHands down, the best surprise of our Swiss adventures was our day trip to Bern. HANDS DOWN.

After our first night out in Geneva, we decided to use our Swiss Passes for a last-minute Sunday day trip. We toyed with a few options (Chamonix! Lucerne! Interlaken!), but after running our ideas across a few people we met along the way, we eventually settled on Bern. We’ll get to all the reasons why our Swiss Passes are so near and dear to our hearts, but being able to make day trip decisions on a whim played a pretty big role in this declaration of love.

We certainly weren’t expecting Bern to be so picturesque and beautiful, and being there on a quiet, snowy Sunday made it all the more perfect. We spent the day aimlessly wandering around, looking for bears (no, seriously), and making friends with an Italian/Turkish/Scottish waiter (more on him later, too).


bern, switzerland


I mean. Really.

Next up: Dub city!


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