style spotter: greece

theromanticI have realized that, despite my extreme amounts of love for this continent, Europe is dangerous. I mean, not in the old fashioned raping and pillaging sort of way. It’s much less obvious.

As soon as I set foot on European soil, be it Eastern or Western, my mind immediately shoots to all the places I could go. Everything is so close! So accessible! So many cities for me to conquer! Coastlines to explore! SO MUCH TO SEE!

But the worst part? There are so many places in Europe where I’ve already left my heart, and way, WAY too places I want to re-visit again and again and again. I’m currently making my way up unchartered Eastern European territory en route to the wino. I’m exploring new cobblestoned streets and falling in love with new people everyday… but all I can think is, “oh my guuhhh, it would be so easy to completely abandon ship and book a holiday in Greece right now.”


That is not healthy behavior. That is the sign of an addiction.

And I don’t even care.

 style spotter: greece

Sigh. Someday I’ll be back, Greece.

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