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theromanticThroughout our RTW, most of the things I missed revolved around food: pizza, bagels, Shake Shack… you know, the usual. Material stuff, on the other hand, wasn’t bothering me. I adjusted to living out of a backpack pretty quickly, and, surprisingly enough, I didn’t miss having a diverse wardrobe the way I had expected.

At least not at first.

For the first three weeks, it was easy: beach hopping around Hawaii and Fiji doesn’t require much. Then, month two kicked off in New Zealand, and between the camping and the plummeting temperatures, all I wanted to do was wear all of my clothes and eat Ramen. Fashion shmashion, I said! (Probably even literally, we drank a lot of wine to stay warm). Everything was going perfectly as planned!

Then, we got to Sydney.

Bondi Beach

Lined by perfectly beachy outdoor bars and cafes, Bondi Beach really just made me want to replace everything in my backpack with complete and utter frivolity. Tank tops and sundresses for everyone! Base layers & camping socks, be gone!

Alas, I did not (and thank goodness because really, it only got colder again once we left Sydney), but one day, I’ll return to you, Bondi. And I’ll look adorable, dammit.

bondi beach

style spotter: bondi beach

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Sydney Opera House

A similar feeling came over me during our tour of the Sydney Opera House. There’s a certain elegance to the building that just made me wish for a serious excuse to dress up. Though I didn’t go as far as our friend Anita went when she packed a ballgown for her RTW, I understood how the Sydney Opera House could inspire a girl to do such a thing–especially as soon as we walked into the main Concert Hall.

The Sydney Opera House by Jack Atley

Photographer – Jack Atley, courtesy of the Sydney Opera House

style spotter: sydney opera house

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I think what I’m really saying is: hubs, I love you, but we have to go back to Australia with real suitcases next time.


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  1. August 8, 2013 / 22:19

    Not too worry if you forget your ball gown…the QVB (Queen Victoria Building) has some stunning shops and you will have no problems finding something stunning for the ball (or Opera!!!)
    Love your Bondi look…you guys will have to be my style consultants when I next visit my home away from home! Plans are in the works!!!
    Anita Mac recently posted..Summer In Montreal Bucket ListMy Profile

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