style spotter: the lazy travelers’ 2017 holiday gift guide + giveaway // now closed

Ho ho ho and happy holidays! More importantly: happy 2017 holiday gift guide!

Fresh off our latest LT friendsgiving (more on that later), we are thrilled to continue one of our favorite traditions. We’re rounding up the gifts we’d buy ourselves, and all of you, if we were our own Santas.

The very best part? We have one item we’re giving away to one lucky reader… so stay with us here, people!


Listen. It’s officially time to step up your stocking stuffer game. Why should this tradition be one you breeze through just to get to the good stuff? So let’s all make a pact. No more running to CVS or Boots or Duane Reade or wherever on Christmas Eve. NO MORE throwing in an orange, some tic tacs, and a pack of spare batteries!

For the klutzy wino | Paper Source Red Wine Stain Removers, $5.95 // Ok, we don’t want to name names. But one of us spilled a full pour of red wine all over the other one’s floor last weekend. These babies woulda been real helpful!

For the friend who needs a mani/pedi, STAT | Paper Source Nail Polish Remover Wipes, $8.95 // Know what is the worst feeling? Boarding a plane and realizing you never had time for that pre-trip mani. And your current nail polish looks like it was applied 3 months ago. In the dark. Help her avoid such embarrassment.

For the indulgent travelers | Paper Source Vacation Calories Luggage Tag, $12.95 // We’re suckers for adorable luggage tags AND sage advice, so this is right in our wheelhouse.


For your favorite feminist | 200 Women from Terrain, $50 // Give your fave femme a morale boost and remind her that YES: the future IS female. Also works well if you’re assigned a misogynistic relative for Secret Santa this year.

For the accessorizer | GAP Velvet dome backpack, $49.95 // We’re constantly on the hunt for the best personal item to take in-flight, and we kinda love that backpacks are back in style. They’re so much easier than an oversized tote, and this one adds the perfect pop of color. Plus, when paired with the right look, this baby can take you straight through spring. It also comes in navy, but you won’t be surprised to know we much prefer the wine.

For your (après) ski bunny | SOREL Cairbou Boots from Zappos, $150 // It’s convenient that the holidays roll straight into ski season, no? If you have a ski bunny on your list, you can guarantee they’ll love any stylish winter gear you decide to wrap. And while we’re hardly true ski bunnies ourselves, we do like to look cute AND warm while we sip our hot toddies. So may we suggest these practical yet fashionable fur-lined classics?

For the cheese monger | Copper Handle Serving Tray, $68 // The wino just treated herself to a copper and marble cheese board from Le Bon Marché in Paris this weekend (which was not the easiest thing to add to her carry-on, tbh). This larger serving tray would complement her kitchen perfectly. Plus, who can argue with more vehicles on which to serve cheese?? For those really in the ‘treat yo’self’ spirit, this Tiered Marble Serving Stand could hold, like, at least a dozen wheels of camembert.

For the sommelier | Wintry Reds 12-Pack, $150 // In our opinion, there is literally no better way to say “Happy Holidays” than a box of red wine. As if homegirl Martha Stewart doesn’t have enough businesses, she now has her own wine company. It features bottles selected personally by Martha and delivered to your door in days. You can shop per bottle or purchase one of her curated collections, like this Wintry Reds mix. Sounds right up our alley, no? Either way, we guarantee almost anyone on your list would be ecstatic to open a box of wine. Or are we projecting?

For the ones who love a good tradition | Nations Photo Lab Photo Books, from $29.00 // You might remember that this item was on our list last year, and there’s good reason for it making a comeback. Some gifts are just so good, you decide to make them a habit. We’re not exaggerating here: we’ve ordered MANY photo books from countless retailers. The ones from Nations Photo Lab are, hands down, the best. So, for that person on your list who loves a proper year in review, put all their favorite photos from 2017 in one place.

Now for the best news? Nations Photo Lab has offered to give one lucky reader a FREE PHOTO BOOK!


* this giveaway is now closed, and a winner has been contacted by email *

HOW TO ENTER: For your official contest entry to win a Nations Photo Lab Photo Album, leave a comment below! Tell us about your favorite photo from 2017, and why you’d include it in your book.

FOR EXTRA ENTRIES!: For THREE (!) extra entries, pop on over to Instagram and post that photo! To qualify, be sure you’re following @lazytravelers, and tag your photo with #LTholidays2017 in your caption so we can see it.

Winners will be selected randomly and contacted directly.

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Nations Photo Lab Photo Books
Tiered Marble Serving Stand
Wintry Reds 12-Pack
Copper Handle Serving Tray
SOREL Cairbou Boots from Zappos
GAP Velvet dome backpack
200 Women
Paper Source Vacation Calories Luggage Tag
Paper Source Nail Polish Remover Wipes
Paper Source Red Wine Stain Removers
Nations Photo Lab Photo Books
Tiered Marble Serving Stand
Wintry Reds 12-Pack
Copper Handle Serving Tray
SOREL Cairbou Boots from Zappos
GAP Velvet dome backpack
200 Women
Paper Source Vacation Calories Luggage Tag
Paper Source Nail Polish Remover Wipes
Paper Source Red Wine Stain Removers


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This giveaway is in partnership with Nations Photo Lab, but all opinions are our own! Please note that some of the links above are affiliated, and we may make a small commission if you decide to purchase any of these items.



  1. Elizabeth
    December 4, 2017 / 14:13

    I have a lot of favorite photos and have trouble narrowing them down, which is why photo books are wonderful and difficult for me! Can they be hundreds of pages long? But my son in front of his first birthday cake and my daughter in awe of her 4th are both winners for me. (I know, that’s two photos. Sorry! I told you I have trouble narrowing!)

  2. December 4, 2017 / 18:01

    I’d have to say a photo of me in Ireland with the ruins of the home of my great-grandfather! It’s in the most beautiful valley in the country I think.

  3. Val
    December 5, 2017 / 13:16

    My favorite photo from this year is on top of the Flat Irons in Boulder, Colorado. In addition to be a beautiful hike, I’d include it in my book for two reasons 1) it was taken shortly after getting engaged and 2) off in the distance you can see what would become our new home 6 months later!

  4. Lauren Weatherby
    December 5, 2017 / 18:33

    My favorite from this year would have to be of my husband and I on a four hour hike from Oia to Thursday in Santorini. While it’s a beautiful view, it’s far from a ‘perfect’ photo. Our hairs a mess from the wind and we are in grubby workout clothes, but it’s a top memory from our favorite trip this year and I cherish it!

  5. December 6, 2017 / 04:45

    You two have outdone yourselves with this one! So many great gift ideas (that aren’t lame or 100% ridiculous, thank you). Ha! I think my favorite photo from 2017 is one I didn’t even post publicly, of one of my favorite places in the world, Big Sur, California. It’s where I grew up and carries so many memories and I love having a visual reminder of all of that!

    • December 6, 2017 / 06:17

      hahaha don’t you love when you look at a gift guide and you’re like “oh, yes, this wine bottle opener for $2,500 DOES seem like a seasonal must-have…”? glad you approve of our list! and we approve of your photo choice, we hope you post it publicly because we love seeing your hometown!! xo
      Lazy Travelers recently spotter: the lazy travelers’ 2017 holiday gift guide + giveawayMy Profile

  6. Ashley
    December 9, 2017 / 20:37

    My favorite photo is one of our Fall family photos! Our two boys are being silly in it and I love it.

  7. December 14, 2017 / 17:10

    I’m very fortunate to have had an amazing year of travel, it’s hard to pick just one photo to be a fave. First one to come to mind is of my kids in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. We were out on a hike and came upon a bench at a scenic overlook. They both wanted to sit and rest for a few minutes. My daughter was wearing a baseball cap; my son, his brand new cowboy hat. Standing behind them, they just looked so cute side by side, and so little against that vast badlands backdrop. It’s how I’d like to remember them as they get older (and sassier).

  8. Kallsy
    December 14, 2017 / 22:15

    So many memories come to mind! The one that strikes me the most is the family photo we just took with our dog, Bentley. He isn’t usually one to behave for the camera and this one turned out perfect. Except for the fact that my eyes were closed and my husband, Logan, was moving. 😂 But it reminds me that life just isn’t a perfect picture which is why I love it.

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