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no travel required

Posted by on Feb 8, 2012 in no travel required | 1 comment

Wine Wednesday if we’ve ever needed it, travelers! Oh, do we say that every week? …moving right along then. Genuinely shocked that the subway was what brought out their love of New York, but we’re here to tell you: this city does funny things to a person. The Verdict Is In Miami never really strikes us as somewhere super up our alley, but this post makes it look more low-key and relaxing than we generally envision it. Miami: Beach and Bay Changing it up a bit for our photo of the day, but fitting nonetheless: take me away xo! the romantic & the...

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no travel required: #frifotos

Posted by on Jan 6, 2012 in frifotos, no travel required | 1 comment

This week’s frifotos theme is dogs, and of course we were prepared for this one. We take photos of dogs wherever we go! No, but… it’s true. Meet Claus, the wino’s truest love. They met in Howth, Ireland, and spent the day frolicking through the hills. Then there was our friend at the stables in Dingle, right before we departed on our journey via horseback: He got along with the romantic swimmingly: Back in Dublin, the pups were just as sweet–and a little more festive: But we don’t just love pups of Irish descent. The romantic also made a few friends in...

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