travel announcement: st thomas!

thewino1Hear ye! Hear ye! It feels like ages since the last time I could post one of these, and I can hardly contain my excitement so I’m just going to spit it out.

In April, I’ll be traveling for the very first time to beautiful St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands!

Hasn’t one of you already been to St. Thomas, you ask? Why yes, the romantic DID visit St. Thomas, and yes, she DID sleep on a sailboat. While her nights on the open water under the stars certainly earned her some medals of honor, I was looking for a more luxurious way to spend four days in the sun.

Where did I choose? Marriott Frenchman Reef & Morning Star Beach Resort.


Photo courtesy of Marriott

I know, I know, April is like, six months away. But it just got cold in New York and work has been really busy and I didn’t get to see an ocean once this summer.  And so, I’m raising a glass tonight to Frenchman’s Reef & Morning Star Resort. April can’t come soon enough.


the wino


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