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Happy Halloween, travelers!The wino was supposed to work an event tonight but was let free (woo hoo!) so we’re going out and about on the Upper East Side as Batman, Robin, & a Pan Am Stewardess. Woo hoo! We just assume that any deserted highway out west is a place to avoid at night. 6 Places To Have A Paranormal Experience I genuinely can’t tell if I’ve seen this before, or just feel like I have because it’s pretty much my life The beat of New York THIS IS HORRIFYING. A Capuchin Crypt Full Of Well-Preserved Old Friars Can you imagine a time when the speed limit was 4 miles per hour? Antique Cars… View Post

two days in bruges

Bruges was everything we pictured it to be. Quaint, adorable, and completely relaxing, we pretty much just strolled around the town for two days straight. Usually when we plan our bigger trips, we try and do half the time in a city, and half the time in a beach town somewhere. Because we wanted to start in Amsterdam and end in London, there wasn’t really time to get down to a (warm) coast, so Bruges was meant to be the calm of our trip, and it totally was. Day 1 — SUNDAY AFTERNOON Arrival – We arrived in Bruges Sunday afternoon after our morning at the Anne Frank Museum in Amsterdam. We hopped on a… View Post

amsterdam: hits & misses

As accidental as our poor planning for this trip was, hubs and I had psyched ourselves up for a laid back 10 days of city exploration… but somehow, still ended up being pretty busy during our two days in Amsterdam. Despite this and the rain/wind/hail situation happening when we arrived, we fell in love with the city almost immediately, and came away with more things that we’d recommend you plan to do than avoid while in Amsterdam. HITS The Hotel Pulitzer Situated right along a canal and next to the Nine Streets, the surrounding neighborhood is everything you picture Amsterdam to be (you know, as long as you’re not picturing drugged up prostitutes everywhere, WHICH… View Post

no travel required

One too many attempts in college to substitute wine and liquor in activities that normally call for beer means we can safely declare this a recipe for blackout. A is for Absinthe, B is for Boozing on the New Orleans Cocktail Tour If we haven’t already checked them off, most of these cities are on our travel short list. The World’s Most Fascinating City Neighbourhoods to Explore I realized while we were navigating our way through the Atomium that I’m kind of scared of UFOs? It kind of felt like we were in one and I started to feel a little bit of anxiety if I thought about it taking off. That’s weird, right? Anyway. No… View Post

no travel required

We approve that they chose Saks over Macy’s. DOWN WITH MACY’S HERALD SQUARE. No but seriously, that store gives me anxiety. World’s Best Shopping: Stores That Are Quintessentially Part Of A City As two people who have never been on a cruise and couldn’t really pinpoint why, we like Rick Steves’s take on his first experience. So, Is Cruising Really Travel? The Cotswolds keep popping up on things annnnd it’s making it really impossible to function because we just want to be there SPEAKIN’ AWL BRI-TISH-like. Where to go in November IS THIS REAL AND WHEN CAN WE GO?!?! The Four Seasons, Thailand I realize there has been a lot of yelling in today’s NTR,… View Post