happy friendsgiving!

the-romantic-the-winoHappy, happy Thanksgiving, one and all!

As we write this, the wino is en route (having definitely made it out of the states, despite the snowstorm nonsense), and the romantic is preparing in Henley avec Mr & Mrs. O Around the World… who may or may not have forgotten to pick up the turkey.

But! All is resolved, and now dear old Burt the Bird is basting in wine, which means we’ll all get along just fine.

thanksgivingTwo years ago, we celebrated Thanksgiving in New York a few days early, before heading home to celebrate with our families.

Last year, we met up in Paris the day after Thanksgiving to frolic around the city, and eventually celebrate the wino’s engagement at a château in the Loire Valley.

This year, however, is extra special because we’ll be eating turkey on the official day that turkey is meant to be eaten. And for that we can all be grateful.

Enjoy the holiday, to our fellow Americans & American expats! And to everyone else: we shall eat extra stuffing in your honor. You’re welcome.


the romantic & the wino



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