#LTGoWithOh bucket list item 2

the-romantic-the-winoAs of Friday, we’re less than two months away from our highly anticipated reunion en Europe! Insert dancing emoji here! With the bulk of our hotels lined up and our airfare recently purchased, we can begin to plan all the nitty gritty details. Namely: adding to our Go With Oh bucket list.

You already know we’ve vowed to host an American-style barbecue on the terrace of our Viennese apartment, but because you’re all the best, we’ve gotten a few suggestions for our next bucket list item.

After careful consideration (read: drunken googling), we’ve decided to take the road less traveled. Or rather, no road at all.

#LTGoWithOh Bucket List Item 2

Take a catamaran from Bratislava to Vienna.


Courtesy of Twin City Liner

Thanks to our AH-MAZING experience with the Swiss rail, we know we love train travel above all else. Naturally, we’d already decided that, for this trip, we’ll use trains for the bulk of our transportation. BUT THEN, we stumbled across information on the catamaran, and we couldn’t resist. An hour and fifteen minute ride, cruising along the Danube, all while basking in the glorious summer sun? Sign us up. It also doesn’t hurt that catamaran service is easy on the wallet, costing only 25 euro per person. Less money spent on transportation means more money spent on wine!

Stay tuned for more items to come on our #LTGoWithOh Bucket List, but if you have suggestions, you know where to reach us. Like, you know, here or Facebook or Twitter or whatever.


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  1. April 24, 2013 / 09:31

    I love using boat for transit…the catamaran sounds awesome. and with a chance to sit in the sun….perfect! So wish I was joining you!

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