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the-romantic-the-winoThe romantic is here to tell you that Abbey Road is not a street that you can just casually stroll across all barefoot and laid back. She was 12 when she visited and still considers it a near-death experience. 10 Most Famous Streets in the World

WELP, you can now find us in Nicaragua, living on $2 a day and riding around in a chicken bus. HOW TO STAY ON BUDGET IN…NICARAGUA

Don’t mind us, we’ll just be in row 38 munching on stale peanuts and trying not to get whiplash from the seat-kicking happening behind us. Flying Garuda Indonesia’s Executive Class Actually Has…Class

But do not drink the water. The hubs can give you a lengthy explanation if you so wish. Why you should travel to Egypt right now

Molokai Summer Day, Hawaii, USA


the romantic & the wino


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