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the-romantic-the-winoOy. #Winewednesday turned into Mexican food Wednesday, which somehow turned into How the Grinch Stole Christmas Wednesday, and before we knew it, the night really got away from us. We’re recuperating and enjoying our afternoon dose of NTR. You should too.

Cheese is pretty much our favorite food group! Next to alcoholic beverages and carbohydrates. Those are groups too, right? Cheesy Vacations

All of our favorite things in one of our bucket-list cities! Dining, Shopping, and Eating in Prague

Never! We laugh in the face of danger! Except real danger. Scary. Travel, Perception, and Safety: Are You Letting the Media Stop You From Seeing the World?

wednesday night at the wino’s!
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  1. @mrsoaroundworld
    November 29, 2012 / 18:01

    Thank you, ladies! Have you entered? Could totally see you there!

    • November 29, 2012 / 18:46

      ahh you tempt us, mrs. o! we just may need to enter! especially because we know the judge muah ha haaaa
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