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theromanticOH hello! Remember me? The fairer, red hairer, more romantic of the two lazy travelers? I am alive and well and living in Australia.

I mean, not living–just passing through, but you get my drift.

Basically, here’s how the past three weeks have gone:


  • Arrive on the South Island of New Zealand, have that “oooh THIS is New Zealand!” moment, and feel like the luckiest girl in all the land.
  • Get served a healthy dose of reality when I snap my sunglasses completely in half literally AS my computer crashes and burns, taking almost all of my photos from Fiji and Hawaii with it.


A moment of silence. 
October 2009, Canne, France – April 2013, Glentanner, New Zealand

  • Arrive in Sydney to meet an angel in the form of Malcolm the Apple Genius.
  • Get my computer back to a functioning level–but still with a collection of prized photos lost and gone forever.


It took me about 48 hours to get over myself and find the positives to the whole suicidal hard drive situation, but here they are: iPhones mean we still have photos from the days that disappeared from my DSLR… they may not be high-res, and there may not be as many, but they are there. (If you want to see a small smattering, get to following me on Instagram! And stat!)

Additionally–and more importantly–lacking a computer forced me to check out of blogland and focus on the beauty of New Zealand while spending serious quality time with the hubs. All from the back of a van, no less! For those of you who asked “but won’t you get sick of each other… one on one… for five straight months?” It’s a resounding no! I like this guy! Even when I get hungry! (He thinks that last part’s not true, but it is.) It is officially love.

Though this brief blogging hiatus was rejuvenating, it feels good to be back and able to resume my recaps. Partially because we have a twelve hour bus ride to Melbourne tomorrow, but mostly because I want to share more from of our lives since we left the Upper East Side… 48 days ago! We’ve been pushed well out of our comfort zones, survived, and are genuinely excited for shit to continue to get weirder. Because, to be honest, shit just gets weird for us.

This photo is a good example:


We look uncomfortable because we are.

This one is probably better:


Oh, just saying whaddup to the hubs through a window in the bedroom… while he sits in the bathtub fully clothed.

So, fellow travelers, I will return soon with tales of angry gods in Hawaii, amazingly welcoming villagers in Fiji, and so much natural beauty in New Zealand that you’ll be dying for city photos from Sydney. I HAVE IT ALL.


the romantic


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