the art of packing (and why i’ll never have it mastered)

theromanticWhen hubs and I are going away for the weekend, our packing conversation is always the same. I tell him on Tuesday that we have to pack, he says “ok, let’s do it!” and I say “well not right NOW.”

I have to be in the MOOD to pack, or else I will pack all wrong! Or so I like to insist.

But then Thursday night rolls around, and I say “uuugghhh we have to pack…” and he says “…yes, i know” and then I throw all of my summer clothes in the suitcase* and he tells me to cut it down and I drink a glass bottle of wine and say I’ll do it in the morning. Before I know it, it’s Friday morning, and I take everything out from my pile that I don’t “need”… and end up going away with one bathing suit, a sweatshirt, and a romper I bought knowing it was a horrible shopping decision, but still convinced myself it was cute. And I have now convinced myself that if it’s the only thing I HAVE then it’s the only thing I’ll WEAR and that will make it WORTH IT.

At least that’s how it’s gone for the past two summers of weekend getaways, but I have vowed to be better. So last night, a Wednesday, we responsibly packed for our upcoming trip to Cape Cod. The one we’re not even leaving for until Friday!

As a newly minted Responsible Packer, I apply my exact same logic from our bigger trips and force myself to go day-by-day. We’re leaving Friday after work, so I’ll be sure to wear something comfortable to work so that I don’t want to die during the car ride. Luckily I work in a very casual office, because I am pretty much only comfortable traveling in pajamas. Whatever shoes I wear Friday will be worn (at least) once more this weekend. I’ve learned not to overpack shoes and bathing suits, but pack a few extra unmentionables.  For the most part, I’ve been better (except for our trip to Montauk when I didn’t pack a sweatshirt and had to traipse around the Hamptons in a very obvious MONTAUK sweatshirt) (and yes the same thing happened last summer in Nantucket and no I don’t learn lessons easily).

And when all else fails, hubs follows every packing session with a very important question: “Did you pack like an asshole?”

The main thing I’ve realized is this: on a weekend getaway, we’re not the kind of people that will suddenly decide to go out to a ridiculously fancy dinner, or go rock climbing. If it’s not mentioned before we go, it’s probably not going to happen. We’re spontaneous people, but not in a “we should TOTALLY swing by that Michelin-rated restaurant I read about” sort of way—and definitely not in a “wake up and go rock climbing” sort of way, either. So while it’s good to be prepared, it’s way more annoying to realize you just arrived at your best friend’s beach house with nothing but a bathing suit and a cocktail dress.

the romantic

*The only time throwing all your seasonal clothes in a bag is a good idea is for ski trips. Then it’s no holds barred because in -20 degree weather, you will WANT everything in your closet to be on your body.



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    August 4, 2011 / 18:58

    Packing like an asshole is the worst…

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