the lazy travelers’ guide to paddy’s day

thewinoOn St. Patrick’s Day, everyone in America wants to be a little bit Irish.

I confess: I’m guilty of playing up my half-Irish heritage every year on March 17th (who wouldn’t!), and St. Patrick’s Day has been and will always be one of my favorite holidays. As a little girl, I remember gathering at my Nan’s house with my family, stuffing myself with Irish potatoes, much to my German mother’s disdain. As an adult, I unabashedly wear my green and spend the day at the pub with Irish and non-Irish friends alike. That’s the Irish-American way.

Three years ago, the romantic and I were lucky enough to spend St. Patrick’s Day on the Emerald Isle, and learned quickly that NO ONE says St. Patrick’s Day. It’s PADDY’S DAY, lads, and you won’t be taken seriously if you say otherwise. That was the first of many lessons we learned that day.

And like a little leprechaun with a pot of gold, I’m here to share the wealth:

The Lazy Travelers Guide to Paddy’s Day

Start early
In Ireland, Paddy’s Day is all about the parade. Thousands of people pack themselves along O’Connell street to watch the morning festivities and enjoy some wholesome family fun. We recommend indulging in a hearty breakfast (and a hearty pint of stout) and enjoying a low-key morning honoring ‘ole St. Patrick. You’ll thank us a few hours down the road.

Get in the spirit
Whether on the Emerald Isle or in small-town America, the Irish dress the part for Paddy’s Day. Don’t be ashamed- find your luckiest green apparel and wear it proudly.

Find some music
On any day at any given time, there’s live music playing in pubs across Ireland. In our experience, people pop up with guitars and fiddles everywhere- even in staircases. Look for a pub near you that has a live band and brush up on your favorite Irish folk songs.

Pay your respects
The Irish are the most patriotic people I’ve ever come across, and Paddy’s Day is the pinnacle of national pride. One thing that Americans typically forget is that St. Patrick’s Day is a holy day for Irish Catholics, and the Irish take this seriously. Remember to toast the Irish patron saint before your pint and tip your hat to the Irish flag.

Stay out late
So you’ve been drinking since breakfast and that last Baby Guinness shot has you slurring your words. Buck up, lads. Paddy’s day comes but once a year, and its your obligation to stay out until the pub is closing up.

Happy Paddy’s Day, travelers! Slainte!

the wino


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