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thewino1HEAR, HEAR: we’re officially ONE WEEK AWAY from our 2012 Lazy Travelers European Shenanigans Tour. I think we’ll call it that from now on.

Normally, I’m a throw-a-few-too-many-outfits-in-a-bag-and-go kind of traveler. But, as I’ve been watching the temperatures drop dramatically in Switzerland over the last week, I’m getting a little concerned that my normal packing routine will leave me unprepared, and no one likes a cranky wino.

Instead, I’ve been spending every spare moment considering what I’ll need for the trip, and more importantly, what will fit in my backpack. So far, I’ve narrowed it down to nine things I know I HAVE to keep at the top of my checklist.


 the wino’s packing essentials

Clockwise from the top left:

My passport: I mean, like duh. This may seem obvious to most travelers, but I have a history of forgetting/losing/misplacing pretty much anything of importance. SO, hopefully this picture will serve as a little reminder to myself that I do, in fact, need a passport to get to Switzerland.

Flannels: Comfortable, warm, and plenty of extra room for beer. Don’t think there’s a better cold-weather outfit choice, in my opinion.

Gloves: Opting for the slightly trendier leather version rather than the typical warm wooly mittens. I may regret this, but only time will tell.

A big purse: We’re going to be traveling with our backpacks for most of the trip, but for mini-day trips and nights out, I’ll need a slightly larger bag to carry all the goods. AKA more layers of clothing.

Moleskin journal: I haven’t carried a journal since I lived in Paris in 2007. For the sake of nostalgia, I’m bringing it back.

Snow boots: I mean, have you SEEN the weather forecast?

Warm socks: Plenty. Like, at least 20 pair. That’s fair, right?

Parka: I’m somewhat panicking that even my parka may not be warm enough, but I suppose that’s where the flannels come in.

Wool cable-knit tights: Under everything. Always.

Aaaand now all I want to do is pack and get on the plane! What am I missing? Besides the obvious flask of wine that I will carry at all times.


the wino



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