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thewinoAfter a four day weekend relaxing in sunny Bucks County, I’m having a more difficult time than normal adjusting back to my routine in Rockville. Maybe its the unseasonably warm weather (90 degrees in DC yesterday??) or the proximity to summer, and thus vacations, but I have a case of ants-in-the-pants that just won’t go away!

And what better way to deal with my impatience than to lay out a few impending travel plans on my trusty travel blog. I know you’re all dying to know what I have on the books anyway.

So, for you (but really for me):

Stone Harbor, New Jersey
Its no Mediterranean island, but spending a week in Stone Harbor has been a tradition in my family for my entire life, and I can’t get enough of its tiny shore-town charm. As a kid, it meant bike rides and crabbing and seven straight days of ice cream. Now, it means relaxing on the dock with my family and good food and seven straight days of boat drinks.

Stone Harbor Lifeguard Boat

One of my closest friends, who I met while living in Paris (see Laws to Travel By #6), is getting married in Chicago in July. Things Chicago is known for: deep dish pizza, hotdogs, and dying its river green in honor of Paddy’s Day. Sounds to me like I’ll like it there just fine.

Downtown Chicago at night

Lake Wallenpaupack, Pennsylvania

A lake-side cabin where the only activities are boating, drinking, and eating. And thus, Lake Wallenpaupack remains one of my favorite summertime destinations.

Fall Mystery Tour 
Like we’ve mentioned before, both the romantic and I are ready for our next adventure abroad together. We’re keeping our hopes alive (and fingers crossed) for a possible four-week stint in Europe.

Just putting these things down in writing makes me feel slightly better about my impending vacation-less weeks in suburbia. And on the days when it doesn’t help, there’s always wine.


the wino


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